Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

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Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

As the manager of a home for physically and intellectually challenged children, I have a variety of jobs. One special job is organising a funeral when one of our angels passes on. My goal is to make the occasion joyous and comforting for the families of the children. Our carers also develop strong bonds with these children, and the service is a release of emotion for them as well. Over the years, I have worked with many excellent funeral directors and developed a range of options that make each service unique and memorable. In recent times, friends have started to ask me for advice when they find themselves in the difficult situation of organising a funeral. I have created this blog as I realise that textbooks and school lessons really don't prepare you for this important task. I wish you well.

Three Ways To Make A Headstone Feel More Personal

Choosing a headstone for a relative is an important task since it determines how cemetery visitors remember them and what your family thinks when they visit. However, headstones can sometimes seem impersonal, and like they say little about the person's rich life and personality. The three tips below help you to think of meaningful ideas to make a stone more personal. Think About The Shape You probably have a good idea of what a traditionally-shaped headstone is like, but many headstone providers and cemeteries do allow for other options. Read More 

Eco-Friendly Options for Cemetery Monuments and Headstones

There are those who would want to leave this world with the same ideology that guided their time in it. This could be in reference to their religious beliefs but can also be the case when someone is an environmentalist. If someone wants to have an eco-friendly burial, there are some obvious ways to achieve this, such as being buried in a casket made of bamboo or reinforced cardboard—essentially something that will quickly biodegrade. Read More