Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

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Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

As the manager of a home for physically and intellectually challenged children, I have a variety of jobs. One special job is organising a funeral when one of our angels passes on. My goal is to make the occasion joyous and comforting for the families of the children. Our carers also develop strong bonds with these children, and the service is a release of emotion for them as well. Over the years, I have worked with many excellent funeral directors and developed a range of options that make each service unique and memorable. In recent times, friends have started to ask me for advice when they find themselves in the difficult situation of organising a funeral. I have created this blog as I realise that textbooks and school lessons really don't prepare you for this important task. I wish you well.

4 Reasons to Consider a Cardboard Coffin For Your Loved One

Cardboard might not seem like the most appropriate choice when it comes to coffins. After all, most people are used to seeing coffins made from solid timber. In contrast, cardboard is often associated with practicality. However, cardboard coffins offer several compelling advantages that can make them the ideal way to honour a deceased loved one.

Here are just four reasons why you should consider a cardboard coffin. 

1. Durable

You might not think of cardboard as a particularly durable material, and this may hold you back from considering a cardboard coffin. However, cardboard coffins are extremely durable. They can carry many times their own weight and will be made leak-proof and fully enclosed. Whether your loved one chose to be buried or cremated, a cardboard coffin will do an excellent job protecting and containing their body.

2. Low Cost

Coffins often represent a large part of a funeral service's budget. For many people, those more expensive coffins are worth the money. However, the financial burden of organizing a funeral can be significant, so opting for a more affordable coffin often makes sense. It may seem odd at first to choose a coffin based on price, but it's worth remembering that your departed loved one would never want to place you under a financial burden. Cardboard coffins are very affordable, so they can help avoid any such burden.  

3. Environmentally Friendly

More people than ever are considering how the way their bodies will be disposed of will impact the environment, and that's one reason cardboard coffins are becoming popular. They can be made from recycled and biodegradable materials that won't harm the planet – even the glues used for cardboard coffins can be made from biodegradable materials. They also offer a faster cremation rate than timber coffins, which reduces the environmental impact of cremation. As such, choosing a cardboard coffin is often a great way to reflect the values of a departed loved one.

4. Customizable Appearance

Cardboard coffins often feature a traditional appearance that looks much like wood at first glance, but you do have the option to customize them. Using environmentally friendly inks, cardboard coffins can be printed with any images or designs that you provide. This means you can choose anything from favourite quotations to images of the departed in order to honour their memory. You'll also be able to choose from a range of existing designs to complement the character of your departed loved one.

Reach out to a local funeral home for more info.