Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

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Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

As the manager of a home for physically and intellectually challenged children, I have a variety of jobs. One special job is organising a funeral when one of our angels passes on. My goal is to make the occasion joyous and comforting for the families of the children. Our carers also develop strong bonds with these children, and the service is a release of emotion for them as well. Over the years, I have worked with many excellent funeral directors and developed a range of options that make each service unique and memorable. In recent times, friends have started to ask me for advice when they find themselves in the difficult situation of organising a funeral. I have created this blog as I realise that textbooks and school lessons really don't prepare you for this important task. I wish you well.

Top Funeral Planning Trends That Your Loved Ones May Benefit From

For many years, there has been a very specific way through which deaths and funerals are handled. From burial processions to laying the coffin in the ground, it was almost unthinkable to significantly deviate from these traditions.

But changes in customer preferences have compelled funeral homes to redesign burial services. More families are opting for cremation as opposed to traditional burials, and others are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to using concrete, steel and other potentially harmful materials (for the environment).

Whether you're in the process of funeral planning or you just wish to expand your knowledge of this space, here are some of the top trends that are emerging in funeral homes and related services.

Better and more affordable cremation services offered by funeral homes

Survey says: cremations are on the rise. Families are opting for cremation because it's easier to plan, it's more private and close relatives can receive the ashes as a long-lasting memory. This is why funeral homes are working to deliver more affordable and accessible cremations.

Cremation can be performed at the funeral home or directly by the family in a setting that they choose. These options make it easier for families to complete the ceremony without logistical challenges.

Green burials

The eco-friendly wave is also entering the traditional burial space. If your loved one has always been a champion for green living, they can also receive a well-deserved send-off that complements their lifelong goals. Green burials extend beyond just using a biodegradable coffin. You can also make the ceremony all-natural by incorporating recycled products, locally grown flowers and biodegradable clothing for the body. There are also options for not using embalming fluids that contain potentially harmful chemicals. Such a natural burial is a send-off suitable for champions of the environment.

Increased personalisation throughout the burial process

The highly standardised nature of traditional burials may be insufficient for your family's goals. Indeed, you want a ceremony that reflects your loved one's personality and is essentially a celebration of their life. Funeral homes now offer funeral directors who can help you explore many different options. From the shape of the coffin that you use to the type of music you would wish to play; your family can customise the burial experience to represent your loved one and their lasting memories.

More financing options to decrease the burden on families

Funeral services can be expensive, which is why more families are being urged to plan in advance for such situations. Funeral homes are providing more flexible financial packages to ease the direct burden on families. And by starting the process early, you'll have more time to plan for the necessary resources required during the ceremony.

For more information, contact a funeral home in your area.