Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

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Special Angels: Lessons They Don't Teach In School

As the manager of a home for physically and intellectually challenged children, I have a variety of jobs. One special job is organising a funeral when one of our angels passes on. My goal is to make the occasion joyous and comforting for the families of the children. Our carers also develop strong bonds with these children, and the service is a release of emotion for them as well. Over the years, I have worked with many excellent funeral directors and developed a range of options that make each service unique and memorable. In recent times, friends have started to ask me for advice when they find themselves in the difficult situation of organising a funeral. I have created this blog as I realise that textbooks and school lessons really don't prepare you for this important task. I wish you well.

Why Pay For Your Funeral In Advance?

There are plenty of good reasons to pay for your own funeral before you pass on. Lots of Australians take out a pre-paid funeral plan nowadays and there is nothing to stop you from doing the same, either. If you are wondering about the benefits of pre-paid funeral arrangements and why planning in advance might be for you, then read on.

Have Your Service Your Way

When you take out a pre-paid funeral plan, you will not just be settling your funeral bill in advance but also stipulating what sort of service you want. For example, if you would like to have a coffin for your funeral that matches the colours of your favourite sports team, then you can say so in your plan. In the event of your death, everything will be paid for meaning you'll get what you've ordered. If you don't have a pre-payment plan, on the other hand, then even if you leave a note saying what you'd like, those you leave behind won't necessarily need to follow your wishes.

Cover All the Costs So Others Don't Have to

Although planning a funeral is a good idea if you want a particular type of service, many people choose pre-paid funeral arrangements because of their finances. Some people worry that there won't be enough money to cover the costs of their funeral until all of their assets are sold, for example. To get over this, you can simply pay in advance, knowing that everything that remains in your estate after you've gone will be inherited by those you choose to leave it to.

Pay for Your Funeral at Today's Prices

Not all pre-payment plans are the same but some will allow you to set the price of your funeral at current industry rates. Given that paying for a funeral in advance means effectively buying a financial product, the money will usually be available when you eventually pass on for the sort of service you have specified. This means being able to beat inflation, something that affects the funeral industry like all others.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Affordable Payments

Perhaps the most common reason people give for taking out a pre-paid funeral plan is that they know everything has been dealt with and no loose ends will be left. This can take a weight off your mind and allow you to enjoy the rest of your life without worrying. Given that most funeral plans allow you to pay in instalments, they're affordable to most people, too.